502 Bad Gateway nginx

I had problem with this error once before, I waited and it resolved by itself in a day or so, now its already a 4th day or something and nothing changed, I guess I cant do much than wait or?

affected websites:


thanks, Jasmin

Are you using software such as Wordpress? What IP are those domains on?

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Your script is being killed, most likely due to hitting memory limits enforced by the kernel


Shows php, etc is all working


No, Im using indexhibit.org v2


hmm, Im not at all understanding what it means and what should I do to fix it?

Ask for script developer for help. Tell him/her the reason:

An how come all of a sudden this happens and not before, is it possibile that someone illegaly messed with my website?

I mean someone could have guessed you password. Just change your password and re-upload the files if you think this is the case.


My web uses indexhibit.org script so I sould ask someone there? Problem is their forum is not working anyomore. :frowning:

Also now when I try to access the same p.php page on kimwawer.com I get the same 502 bad gateway error. Also I cannot browse through MySQL database on kimwawer.com hosting control panel (but on getoutski.me I can). I also remember I got a message from google about password breach for both websites and I rushed to changed only on my website (getoutski.me) and was able to change it and access getoutski.me website and everything was working. Then few days later getoutski.me stopped to work first and shortly afterwards kimwawer.com too. Im clueless now what should I do. I wonder if I reupload just the whole web script again via ftp to my getoutski.me if its going to help at all as @Greenreader9 mentioned?

Yes do that, what @Greenreader9 suggested.

This is not going to mess up with my web site layout and all the content as this is stored in the MySQL database, right?

This is because ifastnet (user in this topic) did not create that PHP file on that domain but only tested on


How can I know what should I reupload because all my files are scattered inside. I don’t wanna end up with the blank website and start all over again.

So I uploaded and overwritten all the files except the folder called ‘files’. I go and refresh my getoutski.me and I get same 502 gateway error.

I’m sorry, but all I/we can say is that your hosting account and PHP seems to be working fine, but your code is most likely causing crashes.

You could try asking through the support channels of the software you’re using. If those are dead, then maybe your only option is to move your website to different software that’s actively being maintained and supported.

It helps to choose software that’s more widely used. You wouldn’t have this issue with WordPress because there is a huge community around it, numerous people with experience with the software (so any limitations on our hosting are widely known and described) and articles on basically any error you could run into.


probably your site is outdated code!

Ok I fixed the issue, seems like someone changed password in my config file on my website so it could not connect to MySQL, thank you all!


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