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502 Bad Gateway

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Every time I try to load my website it gives - 502 Bad Gateway this error. And I tried on other browsers, cleared cache but still the error is there. Any response on this matter?

me too…helpppp guys

I also have the same issue, 502 bad gateway. My site is https://AutoLend.cf

Seems like the following IPs as of now, those that end with .92, .104, .111, .138, .144, .167, .171 and .200, are getting issues for now. The even IPs - except the last one and the second one - display a 502 Bad Gateway, while the odd ones I listed, the second one and the last one just refuse to connect to the website. I might have to wait for more information, but the only solutions as of now are to either wait, or to move your website to a new hosting account that doesn’t have these issues.

UPDATE: All the IPs that were having problems to connect and time out (not the 502 Bad Gateway issue) got fixed. The rest for now still have the 502 error.
UPDATE 2: Problem solved.


Same here! Really could use some help

.167 seems to be having issues too, it was giving 502 and now it’s timing out


Roger that! Adding it to the IPs affected by the issue.


.200 too

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Added that to the IPs affected by the issue.


.167 Recovered, no more errors

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