502 Bad Gateway After Attempting SSL Activation

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502 Bad Gateway nginx
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The website has seemingly become unreachable after I tried activating a new SSL certificate, however, I had not tried to access it in over two weeks, so it is possible that the website has been unreachable since before I checked. The SSL certificate is currently pending and as I am waiting for CNAME validation from Namecheap. I was wondering what could be causing a 502 gateway. The only culprit that seemed plausible to me was my htaccess file which used to force the client to use https, but I removed that override and the error persists. Thanks for your help.

This is a known issue. Please read others topics before creating your own. Please be patient for a fix.


Hi, the reason I uploaded my own topic is because I looked at the other topics and was unable to resolve the issue with the information that I found in them. I am also not sure if this is an issue with the hosting service or something I could actively be troubleshooting, which I would like to know because this is slightly time-sensitive. I also could not find anybody asking about whether SSL activation would have something to do with the 502 error. I will be patient for a fix. Thank you

My domain is also showing error 502
I would like to ask you if you have hosted it in the last 72 hours
and if you have used the cloudflare service

I first uploaded the website last year if that is what you are asking. Also I have not used Cloudflare.

Then I don’t think so that there is anything wrong on your end. Lets Just wait for a fix

If you have a static site, you can temporary host it on Cloudflare pages untill maintentance is finished.

Can u help me by telling how to do that?

Oh, okay just go to gihub.com. Create an acount, create a repository. Then go to cloudflare, click on pages (on the sidebar), then connect github and choose that repository you created. Wait a few minutes, done. The only probleam is that it ONLY WORKS ON STATIC PAGES.

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