500 Internal Server Error

Username/Website URL

epiz_27951904 http://btly.gq/

Error Message

500 Internal Server Error

I uploaded a PHP script on my website but when I try to access the site I am getting 500 Internal Server Error.

I think it’s because of .htacess file here is the content of my .htacess file

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]

Also, the documentation of the scripts says:

The new directory root is /public. You will need to change this on your server.

  1. Go to domains or addon domains
  2. Find your domain and edit the the home directory and add /public at the end
  3. The final directory should be /public

So I am guessing the script requires me to change my domain directory is it possible on @infinityfree?

Hi and Welcome Back

unfortunately, changing the directory for your domain is not possible on free hosting.

Maybe instead of using htaccess, just put an index.php file in / and add a header to redirect to /public.

Also, no need to ping Admin.


Thanks for the superfast response, I will try your solution and get back.

Sorry about that ping.

Well I tweaked a few things, seems like the files were not uploaded successfully the problem is resolved. Thanks for the responding.

Link Shortener websites are not allowed here.

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They are technically allowed, but strongly recommended against.

@Mysteryends by hosting that here, you claim full responsibility for every URL someone enters. So if someone enters a URL in violation of our rules, you may be permanently suspended and banned from our hosting.


Ok, but once hosted a URL Shortener Website, there were a few URLs added by me for testing and my account got suspended and the response was, that Link Shortener Scripts are not Allowed.

Thanks for the information, actually I don’t intend to make it public it’s just for my personal use so if I am sharing any links on my other sites I can generate some ad revenue. It’s public right now because I am not done setting it up. But just in case I’ll blacklist any suspicious sites from the shortener that may violate any rules. I’ll go through the terms of services but I guess I just have to avoid porn and copyrighted material.

This probably won’t be good enough. You can’t realistically maintain a perfect blacklist of all malicious content on the internet, and you must take steps to block malicious content before your website links to it, not a few days afterwards when you’re checking the list for newly created URLs. The damage may have been done then already.

If it’s not done, it definitely shouldn’t be public. You may want to setup password protection or IP filters to make sure that only you can access your site for now.


Ok I agree with you and I will go with the second approach

I agreed to take this approach, and I am willing to make the site private I will just have to tweak some options within the script, so only registered user can shorten the link and I will turn off the sing up option which will basically make sure only I have the access to the site. But in order to do that I need by site to be up, My site was suspended. I understand it is a free hosting and fighting spam and stuff is difficult and necessary, but as I stated earlier, I do not intend to violate any policy. So kindly reactivate my site, so I can fix the issue.

Also, I have not violated any rules It’s just because a site might violate some rules it should not be banned on the basis of that I understand the link shortener concept could be used to violate the rules but any site that allows visitors to post and comment can right? Forums etc. Of course, you have the right to remove any site that actually harm the server and violate the rules, but I believe it shouldn’t be on the basis of the possibility because even WordPress have the possibility. Everyone links external sites. Can I have the site back if my purpose of usage is justified?

If not that is also fine, I just made this site because the Terms of Service - InfinityFree doesn’t say anything about it and I thought it can be a good way to monetize my traffic from my other sites. Otherwise I’ll just drop the project and work on something else.

Are you sure about that?

Our policy also states “no pirated software”. And the URL shortener software you’re using it for sale at CodeCanyon for $45.

If you can afford to pay that for software, please consider paying for hosting as well. It’s a great investment and will do a lot to help ensure you can actually use the software you paid for.

And if you didn’t pay for the software, it likely means it’s an illegal copy, which is against our policy.


Well, can’t help it I don’t want to trouble anyone so I’ll move it. Is it possible to get the database backup, so I can move my site?

Open PHPMyAdmin, then select the “Export” tab.


But the site is suspended I don’t have access to control panel?

As with any account suspension: ask it in the ticket, not here. This is a community forum, not the place to discuss account suspensions.

I see you’ve already received backups.


Hello Sir Can you help me to get my website database back? I’ve spent days to setup the site and to move my site I need the database backup.


Please reply publicly, I don’t do personal support requests.

See this:


If your site is suspended, and you aren’t offered a backup, there’s no way you’ll be able to acquire one. This should teach you to follow the rules, as well as take a backup regularly.


Website URL is btly.gq, its not suspended currently.