500 Internal Privoxy Error

500 Internal Privoxy Error

Privoxy encountered an error while processing your request:

Could not load template file no-server-data or one of its included components.

Please contact your proxy administrator.

If you are the proxy administrator, please put the required file(s)in the (confdir)/templates directory. The location of the (confdir) directory is specified in the main Privoxy config file. (It’s typically the Privoxy install directory).

Can i know your site url? (我可以知道您的网站网址吗?)


Does this error appears in your site (这个错误是否出现在您的网站上?)

是的,地址是:: http://ibc-token.com

But for me it shows a default wordpress site (但对我来说,它显示了一个默认的wordpress网站)


I think this is a problem with your ISP provider (我想这与您的ISP提供商存在问题)


Try contacting your Service provider (尝试联系您的服务提供商)

Also sorry if my Chinese is bad because i use google translator (如果我的中文不好,也很抱歉。因为我使用Google翻译)

Also i am not quite sure about your problem . Someone can help you ( 我也不太确定你的问题。有人可以帮助您)

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The error maybe caused due to use of Privoxy (As IF has a security system).
@anon12237952 isn’t it?

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Also try reading below article (也可以尝试阅读下)面的文章

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I am not sure :sweat_smile:

As Security system uses a cookie and js to verify, maybe privoxy is denying it?

And can you please speak in English? All i see is some letters i cannot understand.


The 500 error is an error caused by the proxy of the user, not IF, IF uses a proxy, but not that one. Most likely, the proxy was returned a 403 (forbidden) error due to the lack of javascript, and the proxy overwrite the error code.

Can you try using mobile data?