500 hits but daily hits limit reached

My website is getting 500 unique visitors daily on average but today my webhosting account got suspended for 24 hours because it shows “daily hits limit reached”. Please check

Read this to get better understanding


My website gets 500 unique visitors daily. Why did my hosting account get suspended for “daily hits 50,000 reached” ?. That is software error

Because 1 visit does not equal 1 hit. Please read the article @KangJL linked

And if you are using Google Analytics or a similar program to track visitors, note that those programs don’t track bots, and they don’t track people with content blockers.


If my website gets 50,000 hits in one day, I will leave India in 2 to 3 months. There is software error. Mostly my website gets 500 unique visitors or 1000 to 4000 hits everyday. There is 0 google bots for my website (high possibility)

I can’t say anything other than what’s already in the article. But seeing how you’re still having questions, I will repeat some of the relevant parts.

A unique visitor is not a hit. Every unique visitor may generate many hits, depending on how your website works and how your visitors behave.

Whatever you’re pulling your visitors usage from, it’s not reliably for comparing hits. Analytics tools don’t record hits, and such tools may be blocked or not be triggered by bots or people using ad/tracking blockers. Analytics tools provide a decent insight into how people interact with your site, but they don’t know everything that happens.

So I don’t know how you get to 1000-4000 hits on your website. I find it hard to imagine it’s anything but a rough guess based on your analytics, and that guess may be very far off.

I see no reason to assume that there is an error on our end. Although I have no way to verify, let alone prove, that because we don’t store access logs. We just count the hits and throw the origin data away because it’s too cumbersome to store it.


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