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I try to host laravel web app. First what i did uplodad in htdcos public files and after create one folder and in foder other fils of project. after i edit index.php and try run… adn i got this error. Can you say me what i need to do?


Screenshot by Lightshot - htaccess
Screenshot by Lightshot - index.php

i tested it on the local server, its working

I see a directory listing now, and the “public” folder returns a 500.

That means that you probably did not change the settings you need to when moving from local to production.


do you have tutorial for this?

One thing you can do is go to Control Panel and scroll down and click on “Alter PHP Config” then select your domain and click “Alter PHP Directives”. Switch “Display Errors” to “On” and click the “Alter PHP Directives” button again. This should show you the errors from PHP.


Screenshot by Lightshot this is error, should i go delete from htdocs and install again?

It might help to try to reinstall.

It seems to be having a problem with these files:



dostn work :confused:

Looking at your directory, I see things like “vite.config.js” and “node_modules”.

Is this a Node.js app?

If so, then it won’t work on free hosting because Node.js does not exist.

You would have to have your own VPS to be able to run Node.js.


its packeg laravel/ui (npm)

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I rechecked and I believe that the problem relies here:


Can you configure your app to use this path instead?


I’ve seen cases before where some of the Composer autoload files were so big, they exceeded the 1 MB size limit for PHP files, resulting in them being discarded on upload. You may want to check the size of the missing files on your own computer to see if they are bigger than 1 MB.

If this is the issue, then you maybe able to reduce their site by reinstalling the Composer dependencies, but without the -o or --optimize-autoloader flags. The optimized autoloader file can be quite big, and you can avoid it that way.

As for the node_modules, you don’t need them here. The node_modules are only used while building the frontend code. They are development files and don’t need to exist on a live server. They are a waste of disk space here because you can’t build the frontend here anyways.



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