500 Error after Cloudflare Cache Purge

So, while I was checking cloudflare for issues, I thought it would be a good idea to purge the cache because I had just made a few big changes to the website (my website is www.smug.cf). At the time, I was not aware of issues regarding the FTP and File Manager, so I went ahead and purged the cache. Immediately after, I was unable and still am after 5 hours to access my website, I get an error 500. It tells me to enable error codes, even if I already did that. My subdomain still works. My website is not hosted on one of the affected IPs. Could this issue also be caused by FTP not functioning or do you guys think it is part of a larger issue with my website?
Any help is appreciated.

You may also need to check the rules on your .htaccess file and correct them if they aren’t valid.


Right. I am not sure why, but the list of error pages in my .htaccess file were the ones causing everything to stop working. I removed them, refreshed the page, and then put them in again, and it magically worked. Thanks for the help!


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