50-50 cpu ban

today my site suddenly went down showing your site got critical issue error
i checked my mail and infinityfree sent me a daily cpu usage strike and asked me to check cpu stats
but my cpu usage didn’t strike the limit still my site got suspended

i tried almost all the free hosting along with byethost and profreehost but phenomenonly infinityfree stands better but such issues are making my site go down in seconds without any notice of when will it be live again! are you all trying to force me for buying paid hostings. your service is best among the free services so don’t put your name down do something really appreciable [ even your free hosting is far better than some overrated paid hosting ] please unblock my site i expect a kind response

my site is gamersgene
also when i check my website in logout condition i get no error but once logged in i get such error

You have to wait 24hrs if it is temporary suspension.
What limit did you hit? (check client area)

image already attached in op

i hit 50% limit

If that is the case, then these may help

its not your credit its wp optimised static pages cached in there servers so its loading
try register or log in and see the difference

a mail was sent by infinityfree

You shouldn’t install everything with a PHP Script.
Just simply upload it instead of letting your website do the updates for you since this would pretty much use all your CPU making your cPanel account getting tempbanned. Please consider downloading your stuff from an official website or contact the person for the script then upload it. They aren’t gonna like a lot of installers now and days so you’re gonna have to download the stuff then upload it so you won’t get tempbanned. Installers are just a CPU waster and uploading it just makes it 100% more better.

another question : if i use third party wordpress manager like infinitewp will there cpu will be used to do all stuffs or my sites cpu will again be used up please confirm i am in need
i created my own installation with infinitewp and now recently used it to manage plugins and install and activate plugin so does it uses my sites cpu or this new installed infinitewp cpu

Eh… no? It didn’t? If you check the Deactivation History in the client area, you’ll see there are no deactivations. So your account was never suspended.

InfiniteWP probably won’t work here. If it does, it probably won’t save you CPU power.

If you want to install software with as little CPU usage as possible, you should try Softaculous first. Softaculous installations do not use any of your CPU usage at all, and installing software from there is very easy.

(not an expert on InfiniteWP, take this with a grain of salt)

The plugins still need to be installed on your site. So the CPU usage will be generated on your site. InfiniteWP makes it easier to manage settings across sites, but it only automates the same thing you can do yourself through the wp-admin interface.

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