50,000 Daily Hits on page or backend?

I would like to know if those 50.000 Daily Hits count on page visits or as well on backend queries. On top, what happens in case I will reach this limit?

The Daily Hits are counted as page visits and are not visitors.

Okay, so I could have 100.000 people accessing my backend and this wouldn’t be a problem? And what would happen in case I would exceed that limit?

It would be a problem, because you may get your account suspended.

Oh, okay hm :confused: So is there an indicator of how many daily hits I have? And can you confirm that a backend querie does NOT count as an hit?

to see your current daily hits just look at your cpanel statistics

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Thanks for responding at my place. I was saying it but you responded in my place.

rip sorry

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile: However, can you please confirm me, whether I’ve understood correctly. A backend querie does NOT count as an hit?

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nope, it does not count as a hit and you would be safe (even if you send 60000 requests in a day)

That is great :slight_smile: I will move my page to you, thank you for your quick reply

Can you please clarify by what you mean as “backend query”? Which backend are you referring to here?

i think he means like sending requests to for instance a php file that is getting mysql database info


     Your Website

HTML File - IMG1 - IMG2- IMG3 - IMG4

(Your index file and 4 images).

Now if I access that website (as recreated above), it will generate 5 hits.

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Ah, okay hm… Thank you for your exact explanation

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