48 hour temporary suspension

website url: findit.infinityfreeapp.com

Mysql limit reached

My website was suspended 9:51 two days ago. Yesterday, it was still suspended. My client area showed that it had been added to the queue to be reactivated and will be reactivated momentarily after 24 hours. It is now 48 hours. Why hasn’t my site been reactivated? Please help.

it looks active to me

if you are still seeing suspended domain then its probably your browser cache showing the wrong page, try clearing it


It’s resolved. Thanks a lot.

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glad its working again :smiley:

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Hi, I’d like to edit my initial post. Is that possible?

maybe if you untick the solution it will allow you to edit the post ?

No, as a new user, you do not have that permission. What do you want to change about it?

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I checked your account and it does appear the suspension lasted 48 hours. I’m not sure if that was intentional. I looked for other accounts who hit this limit, but it seems that triggering this suspension is quite rare.

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I’d like to clear out the url.

Oh, that’s fine. It’s functional now. Thank you all for your prompt response and for providing the platform.

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