429 Too many requests

username: epiz_27205776

Hi, I just installed a PHP script and everything seemed fine during install, but now I’m getting a 429 every time I try to access any page on my site. Cpanel shows only 66 daily hits used. Could there be another reason to be getting this error?


Your being "rate limited" on your website. (Ie: Your sending too many requests in a given amount of time)

All you can do is wait a while, this will fix itself.


The first thing that comes to mind is that your application code may be rate limiting too. I know the Laravel framework has built-in rate limiting, and a quick look at your account tells me that you’re using that framework too.

Could you share a screenshot of the 429 error page? Maybe it provides a clue as to what generated it.

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I tried to give it sometime but I hadn’t even checked since yesterday and still nothing changed.

I talked to the developer and he asked me for some Laravel logs, hopefully it’s something simple I messed up. I’ll actually check these logs myself since this could be what he’s looking for. Here’s a screenshot (I actually like how clean this page looks).

That definitely looks like Laravel styling.

Taking a quick look at your routes/web.php file, I see you’re applying request throttling to all routes. Normally, you would only apply those limits to specifc routes, like login pages, not to all pages. So you may want to tweak that setup a bit.


I’ll have a look later. Thanks a lot for taking the time to check it. I was thinking this could be caused by that workaround in htaccess necessary for Laravel to work without changing the document root, so I reinstalled, messed around with htaccess, but all I got was different errors while the public directory kept giving me a 429.

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