421 Home directory not available - aborting

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421 Home directory not available - aborting

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I can’t connect via FTP, it says the home directory not available

Just wait.
Likely due to this


I’ve been getting this error for quite a while now, probably more than a month.

You have to wait for admin then


The home directory for your account has been recreated now. You should be able to setup a website on your domain again.

As to what happened to any original files, I don’t know. I also can’t see when this issue started, which makes it harder to pinpoint.

This particular server was migrated to PHP 8.2 26 days ago. It’s possible that somehow the files on your account were lost during the migration. Unfortunately, the old server has already been wiped so there is no way to check if your files existed before the migration, let alone recover them.

We’re very sorry for any data loss we may have caused. Your account is the only account we know so far on which this has occurred, so this kind of data loss is really rare.


Thank you!

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