421 home directory is not available - aborting

I added some sites and deleted them, i did things line this and after 15 minutes i got error like maximum users of ftp are logged in. Then i got error 421 home directory is not available. Please help me.

It was a known problem due to a DDoS attack, should work now.

Guys do the ftp server is working now?
I got error
USER epiz_25450948
331 User epiz_25450948 OK. Password required
PASS *************
421 Home directory not available - aborting

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Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. This is a forum, not a live chat, which means that:

  • It’s normal to have to wait a few hours for a response.
  • Topics can easily be found and identified later. There isn’t a continuous stream of assorted messages where a single question is easily lost.

Speaking of topics which can easily be found, there were quite a few people with this exact same issue. Maybe you could check them for answer too? Like this one?

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