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Since when does Meta have a crawler? Crawlers are used by search engines, and Meta doesn’t have one. What do they “crawl” exactly and what do they do with it?

Google has a crawler. Google has a search engine. Google needs to scan the content of your site to be able to include it in search results. What does Meta do?

The only reason I can think of Meta would need to access your site is to generate the sharing previous. But those don’t work on our hosting, due the system described here: Ensuring only web browsers can access your website

It is working? Are you more likely now to buy premium hosting from us? Does breaking your website make you give us money?

Because you’d be the first.

We’re not in the business in harassing people into upgrading. We want people to upgrade because they like us, they like our service, and because they want to stick with us when they have outgrown free hosting.