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Hi all,
My find post here (yeeeeaaahhh).
I have been breaking my head, trying to allow the Meta crawler to scrape the OG tags. It keeps getting 418 error. Is there no solution for this?

@MasterBoom please do not hijack other posters threads, you should really start your own

error 418 means that coffee is not available, your server only serves tea but some websites use this response for requests they do not wish to handle, such as automated queries


please start your own post and include your website url and any other information you think will help, thanks


Done, thanks for your help

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Website URL


Error Message

Bad Response Code
URL returned a bad HTTP response code.

Response Code 418

Other Information

Same as this post and many others. Meta crawler cannot access site. I understand that this is due to a security mechanism implemented by InifinityFree.
Meta crawlers (as well as Google and others) are probably used by almost everyone on this platform. I would like to assume that these crawlers aren’t blocked without repair. If they are, the website will be severely crippled. Is this a limitation imposed on purpose, to promote account upgrades?

I have tried to tweak the .htaccess file. This actually affected the crawler, which resulted in a 500 error code. This still isn’t the expected 200 code so I’ve undone the changes to .htaccess

Any suggestions?

Since when does Meta have a crawler? Crawlers are used by search engines, and Meta doesn’t have one. What do they “crawl” exactly and what do they do with it?

Google has a crawler. Google has a search engine. Google needs to scan the content of your site to be able to include it in search results. What does Meta do?

The only reason I can think of Meta would need to access your site is to generate the sharing previous. But those don’t work on our hosting, due the system described here: Ensuring only web browsers can access your website

It is working? Are you more likely now to buy premium hosting from us? Does breaking your website make you give us money?

Because you’d be the first.

We’re not in the business in harassing people into upgrading. We want people to upgrade because they like us, they like our service, and because they want to stick with us when they have outgrown free hosting.


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