414 Request-URI Too Large

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414 Request-URI Too Large

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i try to send a long text (ca. 25k to 26k characters) via php Post ($_POST) from a form to my php script. i know, that this is a restriction from apache (LimitRequestLine,

is there a workaround or a possibility to change the max value? Maybe split the text and post it in chunks? if this is the only solution, is somebody willing to help me on this one?

…sorry if informations are missing. im on this topic for hours now and my head feels wobbly. if more informations are needed, feel free to ask.

If you get a 414 type error, “URI Too Long”, then you’re not using POST data. This URL means that the query string (i.e. the GET data) is too long. The MDN docs are quite clear about this: 414 URI Too Long - HTTP | MDN

If you switch this to actual POST data, your max input size is limited by the post_max_size setting, which is currently 20 MB. So that should be more than enough to submit your long text.


i see your point here.

i checked again in my php code

$datei = 'spio/'.time().'.html';
$text = $_POST["source"];
$textdatei = fopen ($datei, "a+");
fwrite($textdatei, $text); 

header("Location: http://spx.epizy.com/");


thats clearly post. or am i missing something?

How big is the source?

between 25k and 26k characters

It would be more likely on a form somewhere in your code, if your form looks something like this (See below) then you are using GET.

<form action="/form-page">

Make sure your form has looks something like this:

<form action="/form-page" method="POST">

The "method="POST" is the key part, this specifies which method to use,


Oh my god! thats it. small mistake, huge impact. saved my day! thx

Your welcome!

You should mark it as solution. :slight_smile:


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