413 Request entity too large

I wanted to import an XML file using the widget importer and exporter tool. After choosing the file (125MB size), click import but received the error message 413 Request entity too large (Cloudflare). Any settings I can check to determine the maximum file size for uploading XML file?

Uploading a 125 MB file on free hosting hosting is not going to work, with or without Cloudflare (which, according to their own website enforce a 100 MB upload limit).

For starters, our servers enforce and upload limit of 10 MB. And even if you somehow managed to load the big file into your account, then loading, parsing and processing the 125 MB of data is just not going to work within the 20 second PHP time limit.

The “best” way to do this would be to copy the site to a PHP/MySQL system on your own computer (like XAMPP or WAMPP), run the big data import there and then transplant the database back to your live website.

But even then the data and database size would probably make it quite hard.