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Why my website got 404 error, is it because I should wait for 72hours? my status server said active though

I’m using Domain from freenom and create custom domain from infinityfree, and I change the nameserver 1&2 only

Is the problem because of 72 hours?

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As it tells. Please WAIT for 72 hours

BTW There is a problem with your wordpress.

This may help to skip DnS Propagation

Still no change, am I doing wrong?
can u access this website queenbakerycake555.great-site.net ?

You shouldn’t put prepperschoice…

Instead queenbakerycake.ga

still no change, but when I’m using VPN I can access that website

yes my phone can even access the website, but not for my PC without VPN

ok closed i found that firefox cant access the website otherwise google chrome works properly


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