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Hi, i get this error after i install wordpress. What to do?

Nice help @Admin

Can you please fill in the topic template? Actually providing useful information does a lot more to solve your issue than tagging me. This is a community support forum, not my personal inbox. I’m not a dog you can just whistle over to do tricks for you whenever you want.

No one does this but okay.


After i install wordpress i press on the admin url but then shows the error page.




(Which software you use, like which FTP software, site builder or which CMS)

i use Wordpress

(How someone can reproduce the issue - this is very important)

I cannot edit my website or actually do anything to it.

(What actually happens)

that it sends me to the correct page of wordpress where i can add plugins ect

Plenty of people do fill the topic. Sometimes, people don’t use the topic template but still provide enough information in order to help them. But sometimes, people don’t follow the template and don’t provide enough information.

The topic template is there to help you provide the right information. It’s not required, but highly recommended, to fill it in.

I’ve checked your website, and I just see a WordPress login page.

If “the error page” is the one you took a screenshot of, please try to clear your browser cache or check the page in private browsing mode.

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