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I installed a wordpress website and installed a BuddyPress plugin for community… but my pages are getting 404 pages not found … I need help on fixing this issue …
I tried searching and i found it has an issue to do with Apache and I’m unable to access it so I’m asking help from the admin to help fix this issue for me

Can you please follow the template and provide a domain? We can’t help you if we can’t see why it’s not working.

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http://campzee.net that’s my domain

That’s because your name serves are no longer pointed to InfinityFree. Please make sure your name servers are set to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. Thanks

Additionally, please don’t create multiple topics. It is considered spam.

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You wrote ‘epoxy.com’ instead of ‘epizy.com

Was it autocorrect’s fault…?

Yes. You can never win.

I have changed the name servers but I’m still getting the same issue … after I researched
I found I have right this code in the Apache file config
" LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so" in order for my pages to show but I can seem to find I hope you help me

Working for me…


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That line can be put in the main server configuration to load the mod_rewrite module. But that module is already loaded by default.

Please do make sure that your .htaccess file is correctly set up. This file needs to be called exactly .htaccess, which on Linux and MacOS is a hidden file and Windows also doesn’t like files with only an extension and no name.

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