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I had some success with my first attempt at a website but the file structure was visible so I took it down. I followed the forum advice and generated a .htaccess file to stop this, and re-uploaded my files. (btw file manager is temperamental and filezilla directed me to company in Manchester GB). Since doing this I now get a 404 Page Not found error. I can’t figure out why. I thought the .htaccess file was doing something, but I remove this and it’s the same.
Any advice?

usually the main entry page to a website is either index.html , index.htm or index.php
the server should detect this and supply it to the browser

make sure the file is uploaded to htdocs folder

sometimes the browser cache gets in the way so you may need to clear the browser cache

whats your website, i can see if it loads for me


Thanks Lovebug.

I have renamed the file to index.html, this loads but doesn’t load the css of js files which are in the same directory. It all works in my local server - and I have got it all working previously, very odd.

again it might be a cache issue with the browser, ive had issues like this with css and js files a lot

try clearing the cache and see what happens

if you like you can pm me the link , i dont mind taking a look


also try putting the address of one of the css files into the address bar and see if it loads
just a thought

sorry GrandadE I know ive not been much help, I hope you find a solution

It could be the your server has gone screwy as there have been some issues lately with the ftp and all

good luck

Thanks, lovebug, any help is welcome… I’m just a hobbyist making learning tools. I always new that getting the things hosted would be the most problematic for me!

That usually a problem with your dns records, or nameserver settings, I suggest checking those.

Nope server is down.

I checked your website, and the main page, CSS and JS all load file for me. Can you try to check your website in private browsing mode to circumvent any caches?

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Just thought I’d check with File Manager before did this but when asked to log in I get…
‘could not read file from socket’
I keep getting this, it does resolve eventually, but what does it mean?

Hi, yes, thanks again, incognito does work, but why won’t clearing the browser data do the same thing?

Hey look at this

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OK Thanks

Correction, I needed to browsing data for all time - that worked!

Because clearing browser data doesn’t clear ALL browser data. I know Google Chrome caches SSL certificates and redirects, even if you cleared “all” data. Private Browsing just works.

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