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Hello, I am using WordPress to create a website. I changed my website URL name.

At first, I encountered a problem that if I type in the URL link. Instead being shown the web pages I created I was shown “No Sponsors. This domain currently does not have any sponsors.”

I googled the problem and people said that you need to wait awhile to see your web pages again. So I waited, then after 1 day of waiting, I typed in the URL link again only to see 404 Page Not Found.

These problems only happened after I changed the website URL name from webproductions.epizy.com to diabetespenang.epizy.com (this is the website’s name) . Before that everything was fine. Please help. What went wrong?

It’s working fine on my side.
Try to flush your local DNS or change your local DNS. I recommend this DNS:

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Did you notice the flashing orange banner in the client area pointing you to this article?


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You mean the “client area” green bar tab at the top left of your screen? No it was never there.

If I type in diabetespenang.epizy.com the webpage will show this.

And if I try typing in diabetespenang.epizy.com/wp-admin it will show the 404 Page Not Found.

Have you installed the WordPress in that domain?

I just checked again. It’s strange, when the website name was still webproductions.epizy. WordPress was still installed. When I went to dashboard and settings then changed the website URL name to diabetespenang.epizy, then I went to the account control panel then to Softaculous App Installer I have to option to install WordPress again. What? This is strange. Did renaming my website just deleted the WordPress app?

If you deleted the already present domain to add a new one, then yes, your files are lost because you deleted the directory that contained the files of your previous Wordpress installation.


I checked your accounts and see that there is one account which was deactivated earlier today and another one created right after.

If you deactivate an account and create a new one, then the new account will be an fresh, new account without any website. Any website previously present on the deactivated account is still on that account, but is not moved to the new account, even if you moved the domain name.

If you would like to restore your old website, you could reactivate the deactivated account and migrate your website. You can migrate a website between accounts (or even between hosting providers) like so:


That said, migrating a website is a bit involved. If it was a new website without any content, it’s probably easier to just reinstall WordPress.


I deleted the account because the page URL the account was using is now the same as the new one I was going to make.

I tried looking for other solutions but it just led to the same place. And it doesn’t help that my post was flagged and hidden. So I thought it’d be much faster to just scrap the old website and just start over a new one.

Anyways, thanks for trying to help. I’ll just start a new website with my desired web URL name.

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