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Username: epiz_25721775 / Website URL: bkailesi.ml

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404 Page Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found! If you entered the URL manually, please double check what you’ve entered. If you clicked a button, please click the back button in your browser.

Other Information

I just upload forum script with ftp but when i try the access site it tells 404 page not found. What should i do? Thanks.

also when i click the site details it showing active

You need to make sure that the install folder with its files is present; else pick it up from the forum software script you’re trying to install and upload it on your website folder. Also, if you’re installing Sngine, I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU: READ WHAT @anon19508339 SAID!


Why are you hosting a paid CmS with us (hosting paid app on free hosting) ? It is mostly looking like you’re using Nulled/Cracked version of Sngine, Which is PROHIBITED and VIOLATES OUR TERMS OF SERVICE.


i am deleting it sorry i didnt know

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