404 page not found error

index page open and i can access admin login and user login form from index page but when i click submit for login it shows error page not found adminlogin.php

Hello there,

What’s your domain? So we can check if we get the same error like yours and to test your site.

It’s not hosted by us. Contact 000webhost staff.

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http://jalnigampro.epizy.com/ this is my domain

The website loads fine on my end.

If you cannot see it, it means that your browser is still serving you an old cached version of the site. The first thing you should try, is clearing your browser cache and cookies. If that does not work, then flush your DNS or if required switch to faster DNS servers.


website is loaded but it cant fetch my backend page when i login into this

That means that either you are still getting some cached version or there is something wrong with your backend.

backend is correct it run on my localhost without error

What exactly is not working about it?

when i click login button on userlogin page it shows thar userlogin.php not found
database connectivity code is written in userlogin.php page

Just tried, the user login button loads up a form for me.

enter username yash@123 and pass HIDDEN BY MOD then check problem occur

If you look into to the htdocs folder, is the file “Userlogin.php” there? Please also bear in mind that files hosted on Infinityfree are case sensitive.

Also, don’t share passwords – that’s generally a bad idea.

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yes the file is still there and i bear in mind that it is case sensitive
and i know its bad idea to share pass but its my demo website and i wanted it live by evening that why i share my credentials

is there any other reason this problem occur because it work fine in my local host plzz do me some suggestion i need it to be live by evening

Either correct the path to your files on your code or rename the file to whatever you wrote on the code.


ok i will try this

i change my file name still same error exist

You have to make sure you named it exactly as the one present on your code, otherwise you have to correct the code to include the new file name, also noting that Linux servers are case-sensitive.


i do every thing still it show error