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Hi everyone

I am just putting the most BASIC of manually created websites in place until I create something decent. I know I’m missing something basic but all the answers are for more complicated problems so am hoping someone will kindly take pity on me.

I created a landing page in MS Word and it has uploaded with FileZilla and is working fine.

I now want a second page (mainpage.com/subpage) that redirects the user to a mailing list subscription. I have created the page with the redirect using notepad & word and it seems to be fine but the file cannot be found 404 error. I created a test page in MS Word the same way I did the landing page but that is also 404 error. So I think I have some kind of issue with the file structure and how I’m saving them on infinity’s server.

Could someone point me to a tutorial/info for how I can do this manually please?


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Welcome. Please provide the actual domain name. Without it, the only thing I can suggest is that you try clearing your cache, and sharing your code if that does not work.


Thanks Greenreader9!

The website is www.thebusywomansgarden.com. You can see the landing page is ok.

But I want a page below that just redirects to a subscription service:
It’s not working in any browser I use, so don’t think it’s a cache/cookies issue. Even without a redirect, I can’t get the page to load.

I think it’s just something as basic as where I have located the file/folders.

(I used to know this stuff a million years ago but as you can see am VERY rusty!)

if you type in www.thebusywomansgarden.com it should work. I don’t know what I did with the link above

What code are you using for the redirect?

Please note that our servers, like almost all web hosting services, runs on Linux, and Linux has case sensitive file names.

Additionally, I don’t see any kind of .htaccess codes on your site. Which means to access a file, you need to enter the full URL to the file. If you want to strip the file extension from the URL, you can do that with .htaccess rules (search the web to find snippets to do what you want).

So the URL http://www.thebusywomansgarden.com/5-quick-garden-wins doesn’t work.

But the URL http://www.thebusywomansgarden.com/5-Quick-Garden-Wins.htm does work.


Thank so much both of you!

It’s good to know that I remember some of it all at least! :slight_smile:


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