404 not found/ cpanel

epiz_28699810 (Website for reikihealingcenter.epizy.com)

While i was trying to access my cpanel, i got this error

Not Found

The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server.
I have cleared the cache as i saw in other topics, still the same. I also opened it through
[cpanel.rf.g], nothing. I have changed the browser but still. I dont see any suspend, so how can i access my cpanel? i have tried the https://cpanel.epizy.com/panel/indexpl.php but still

This is probably related to the pinned topic. When that topic’s issue is resolved, please try again and let us know if it works.

Now it says account suspended again… What happened ? i checked my limits there were fine today and yesterday

Can you share the suspension details?

Note that the statistics in the control panel only update about every 24 hours, so it may not look like you went over when you really did.

Your account was Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now.

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Well, this article explains why and how to prevent it from happening in the future.


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This normally happens while the account is being suspended.

It probably isn’t. The only known ongoing issue is the account corruption issue. Just because there is an ongoing system issue doesn’t mean every error is caused by a system issue.


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