404 infinity error page


404 not found

I desperately need to get my site running as i have clients trying to access, We do not use FTP so the forum information is not very helpful as we have only ever edited through our control panel and wp dashboard. please assist sap, I have also emailed.


hi this is not helpful, i can read this in the forum.


It would seem that the entire htdocs folder of your account has disappeared. That’s why you get the 404 error.

As to who deleted it, when it was deleted or why, I don’t know. All I can say is that it’s gone now.

I’m sorry to say that any files that may have been in that directory are gone now. I think your best bet is to reinstall WordPress and start from there.


Thank you, this helped us realise that I had accidentally moved the htdocs folder into the cpanel folder while attempting to do a backup (for the first time ever) I am learning every day. there is also alot to learn. Thank you for your help


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