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Files in the correct directory, it’s a new domain but it has been over 24 hours and it hasn’t gone live. Does it take longer?

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Are you absolutely sure? Where have you uploaded the files?
You can find the directory your site is linked to by going to your “Domains” tab of your account overview, for example here is mine:


yup mine is in the correct directory (domain/htdocs), no idea why it isn’t working. Do I need to rename my HTML file? its called index.html at the moment.

What is the exact name of the folder for your domain?


I had a quick look. The directory name is indeed incorrect.

Your domain is linked to the directory h4infohub.nichesite.org/htdocs. But if you check the file manager, you’ll see that the directory is called H4InfoHub.nichesite.org. Because our servers (like almost all web hosting servers) are case sensitive, this is in fact a different folder.

Please make sure that the file and directory names match exactly. Different casing makes it a different folder, and the server won’t look for your files there.


Thank you! such an obvious mistake. Thanks!

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