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redirects to https://errors.infinityfree.net/errors/404/

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I have 3 other identical websites: lfgan.rf.gd, collegefundcalculator.infinityfreeapp.com, ijusttookadump.xyz that function correctly. Sometimes it shows a 403 error but currently its showing a 404. There is a index.html in the htdocs btw

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Did you see the announcement about the recent outage? There was a disk that got corrupted and some files were lost. You can check your Website IP by going to your account page (https://dash.infinityfree.com/accounts) and click on the account name. It’s possible that your IP address was one of the ones which were affected? This could explain the missing files and 404 errors.

Here’s the thread about the server issue:

Thanks for the help, However these websites are new and were made a few days ago and certainly less than 16 days ago


Is it possible that one of the files being referenced from your HTML files is missing? (e.g. a CSS or Javascript file?) Maybe check your HTML files for missing assets or upload a test file to your directory which is just a “barebones” document for testing. See if that works?

<!DOCTYPE html>

I got the same results.

I checked your account and I see the issue.

Please note that our web hosting, like almost all hosting, runs on Linux, which means files and directories are case sensitive. Your subdomains, like johnfordhopkinsyale.000.pe, are linked to directories based on their domain name, like johnfordhopkinsyale.000.pe/htdocs/. However, there is no directory named johnfordhopkinsyale.000.pe in your account.

There is however a directory called JohnFordHopkinsYale.000.pe in your account. But, because our servers are case sensitive, the server considers this a different directory from johnfordhopkinsyale.000.pe, so it won’t look for your website files there.

To fix that subdomain, and all other subdomains which don’t work, please change the directory names to be all lowercase.


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