404 error

Me and my web users keep getting 404 errors when accessing my website even though it exists. And every time they have to clear the browser cache.

What is your domain?
Please share it so we can better help you. Thanks!


these is two sites: https://test560.free.nf/User/dangki.html and https://test560.free.nf/User/dangnhap.html

Both worked perfectly for me, even after some refreshes. No clearing browser cache needed.

However, I saw captital letters in your url.
If your customers were intended to go to that page with a link, make sure that the link looks exactly the same, as our servers are case sensitive.

As you mentioned this:

Can you please tell me if the issue persists after clearing, or clearing the cache completely solved the problem? Thanks!


But my users and I got that error. And they cleared the browser cache and it worked again, that’s inconvenient

Please answer my questions first:

  1. Should your users visit these two link directly or through some links on another page?
  2. Do you need to clear the cache everytime you visit the page? Or just once and never?

If the answers were “yes” for first and “no” for second, then your issue was probably already resolved.
If no, please provide some screenshots of the problem, the source code, your filemanager, etc. As I can’t really reproduce the issue.


If I rename the file, I can access the page again. But the old file name when accessing it will give an error 404. First question: Either way it still shows an error; 2nd sentence: When it fails (it’s inconvenient).

Well, if you renamed the file, then of course, accessing the old name will throw out 404s! Cause the old file no longer exists.

For this it is vague. But I know there is circumstances that even it exists it still redirects you to 404 page. (I encounter this once on my site.) You should avoid consuquently renaming your file, ensuring it will be in the place forever.


I mean when I change a different name for the file, I can access the page, but when I change it back to the same old file name, I get a 404 error

What’s that old filename?

then those are the two links I sent you

To me there’s no problem now. You should better just to keep this filenane.


Thank much.


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