404 error?

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something like an 404 error when executing it in a game Iike this

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I see this



yes just basically that obusfcated

and i gave them execution access


Stop pinging anyone. This is very annoying.
Reason no one replied is most likely you did not write clearly.
You had claimed a 404 issue but it is clearly not.

Free hosting supports PHP and MySQL.
I doubt Lua will work here…

Please note that we provide web hosting, as in hosting for websites. We don’t allow our hosting to be used for file sharing/distribution. This includes distributing Lua code to be used in a game.

The reason it doesn’t work is because we have this security system is place, which is preventing your game code from downloading the Lua script:


okay the right answer came from the owner the thing is you don’t understand what i meant but okay

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