404 error

Hi there,

I created this website about 2 days ago - its fairly small, with some images here and there, and no other menus.

The website - clipndrip.ca

I am getting a 404 error message - I haven’t done anything to the website!

Please help me fix this. Thanks

It works sometimes, and other times it gives me the error

Can you screenshot the inside of the htdocs folder?


Here is a better screenshot

Just so you know, a WordPress website is not “pretty small”, in fact, its actually quite large.

My guess is that an update or something went wrong. Try restoring from backup.


what plug-in do you recommend to do so?

Never use a plugin to make a backup, always do it manually.

And I mean import a backup you already have, it’s no use to create a backup of something broken.


Ok, thankyou for the info - Is there any guide or video on how to do so?

Just copy the files from your computer to the server using FileZilla, and import the database using PHPMyAdmin.

Basically do the same steps you took to make the backup, just do them in reverse.


The files of your site look fine, so it’s possible the problem is somewhere else.

I see you’re using Cloudflare on your domain. Can you please check Cloudflare’s DNS settings? Your domain should point to the “Website IP” displayed in the client area. If it’s pointed somewhere else, that may cause your site to show this error as well.


Hi there,

Thank you for the response.

Attached above, I have listed my DNS settings. The ones highlighted in blue match the “website IP” displayed in my client area, while the ones in red are different. Do I delete the ones in red or change anything?


Delete those in green first




Please all the red records.

Pointing your domain to a different domain will result in clients being connected to the wrong IP address, leading to a host of undesirable results.

And even if you want a Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL certificate while using Cloudflare, having the _acme-challenge record with Cloudflare proxy enabled will not work for verification.


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