404 error


The file is in my website but i can’t acess the cryptojs-aes-format.js

I can access it just fine.

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u can try login with any user and pass?


Hmm, check your code.


lol, i can acess this page

The 500 error is after i enter any username & password and click sign in.

ohhh, is because my php can’t load
require “vendor\brainfoolong\cryptojs-aes-php\src\CryptoJsAes.php”;
404 too

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Hmm, maybe because crypto related keywords are banned on free hosting?


so, i need only rename the file??

And remove all crypto related files or you might get suspended probably.

ok, i renamed the crypto file and dont work too

Maybe you did not upload the files, I am not sure. But my bet is the crypto stuff:
clause 10 point 4:

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the site isnt’t for Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet, the crypto lib is for request

u mean cryptolib.php? Sorry i’ve never used it on free hosting.

is one lib to encrypt and decrypt string, js to php and php to js

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Unfortunately the system must think that “crypto” relates to “crypto mining”. Therefore, it will block the words relating to “crypto”, even if it is for cryptology. The only thing I can think of to fix this is to go into the file and change every word to something either arbitrary or to something that won’t trigger the system. VS Code might help with renaming variables.

Otherwise, does the library have a minified version? Not only does it help speed up the loading time, but it usually contains arbitrary variable names due to the minification process, meaning it is less likely to trigger the system. I can’t guarantee that it will work, but it might be worth a try if they have it!

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the lib in js work fine, but i can’t load the php lib now


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Again, can you minify it?

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it’s already on minify


Is it proprietary, or can you upload the file here if possible. If they don’t allow the uploading of PHP files, can you send us to the website that distributes the library?

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