404 error

Ok i kind of deleted a file and now my website broken and only shows error 404 can you reset it and fix it please.

Hello @noeg166.

We cannot really help you because you didn’t tell us what kind of file you deleted, if you are using CMS or any other system or custom built website.

Does that 404 error apply to all the parts of your site? Keep in mind that 404 error means that the pages you are looking for do not exist AT ALL. However this doesn’t always mean that they do not exist and it may have simply been because of your website’s misconfiguration, in your case because you accidently deleted a file.

Could you please tell us what was the file that you deleted?


Well, if you deleted a file and now your website is broken, it means that that file was probably important!

The only way to fix this is to restore the file, I can’t fix your website.