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Hello everyone
I want to optimize 404 error page
everything would be fine, but …

Everything worked out for me, but I would like to stay on the same url with 404 error but with my 404 error

I’ll explain now

there is a site gjsd.com/
and when searching for gjsd.com/sfsym
since we have a 404 error, there should be a redirect to a page with this error, BUT how to make sure that you do not leave this page?

More clearly

so that I do not write there (if there are no files) there will be a 404 error

Thank you all in advance

You mean you want to prevent people from leaving the page?

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like here

Change error pages in control panel

But It’ll redirect to 404 error page, we not want that happen, we want that stays at entered url, but with 404 error is that doesn’t exist.


I think that cant be maked on freehosting

I do not really understand what you wrote, but I would like to be here

I am ABLE to do custom pages with a 404 error, BUT I want to do it like this

try to write something after /

So, try to create a 404 page on your htdocs folder with the contents you want your visitors to be displayed, then use this .htaccess code always on your htdocs folder:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

, where 404.html can be replaced with your 404 page file name and extension (or path to it).

@Yellow_Pikachu It can be made on free hosting because the reverse proxied server is Apache2; you just need to know more about the ErrorDocument configuration directive on Apache2.



thanks a lot
I adore you

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