404 error

Hi Admin,
my site doesn’t work!!! repeatedly show 404 error.
please advise
thank you for your help

I’m currently able to see your site, but I’m not happy with the speed.
We’ll wait for the administrator to check the status and why some websites are very slow.
Please be patient

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Cloudflare status (all fine) https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/

Hi Admin
My site is very very slow please advise how to solve this issue.
Thank you in advance

You can try to compress your code. You can try to use plugins if the software your using have plugins available, if you are using wordpress you can try using wp cache plugin or other caching plugin.

Also btw since your site is a streaming site, I do recommend to use simple html5 video player.

Also also if your site is a pirated free streaming site then it is not allowed here cause it is illegal besides video streaming is not allowed here unless you use external third party server.

I checked your website yesterday and it was slow for me as well. But I just checked it now and it seems fine.

From what I can tell, it looks like the storage system is having trouble keeping up at peak times. iFastNet is currently working to add more capacity, which should solve this issue.

i am also having the same problem normally its fine
when i use through a tracking software then its show 404 error
whats the cause??

I don’t know. What kind of tracking software do you mean? And is it showing a 404 error, or a different error number (if it’s a 403 error, then this is the cause)?

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