404 error video and picture

Have you deleted the domain from old hosting account (on Addon Domain menu)?
If the contents from your old site are important, don’t forget to backup your Softaculous instalation, then restore it to your new hosting account.

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It also takes 24 hours to be publicly available.

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old account

news account

Why will it take 24 hours to to work.

Because of DNS propagation


If it still doesn’t work after the 24hours when what should i do?

I can see your site.


is the other site working now also?



Thank you . Those site will not have alott of info on them . That why they are on the new account

just tried to access both websites on my end an still get the 404 error

  • Or wait another hours until the domains propagate properly for your internet provider at your location.
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tried all that and still don’t work

update: after installing firefox both pages started to work.

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