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I have added a folder with some site to the htdocs directory and i get an error if i try to follow the link
But i can open html files for exmaple site/exmaple.html

Do you have index.html file ?? Inside htdocs folder

I have index.php inside htdocs/somesite for example

If you try to open the URL http://nbgs.great-site.net/sourcebans-pp, the server by default will try to find a file or folder with the name sourcebans-pp. And if it’s a folder, it will try to find a file index.php, index.html or index.htm in that folder.

But you don’t have a file or folder with that name, so the server doesn’t know what content to load, which is why you get a Not Found error.


I have index.php in that folder

Did you have any bad .htaccess rules that makes nasty things?Like said in

That normally causes a Directory Listing and probably not 404.So, as I said, please check your .htaccess file.

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That’s not what I see:


I don’t know which account you’re checking there, but it doesn’t seem to be this one.

That’s only true if the directory exists but it’s empty or doesn’t have a valid index file. If the directory doesn’t exist at all, you get a 404 error instead.


But I see this folder for my account or am I insane and see things that don’t exist? I understand of course free accounts here ne v pochete

Everything looks fine in the files, so that should work fine.

However, it appears that your account was suspended. Can you check the client area for the reason why?


The account was deactivated. I’m guessing @Graveyardgoh gave up.

It’s really unfortunate, because it seems the issue could have been found really easy if were were able to pin down the issue, which I still think is most likely a simple mixup of accounts.


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