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404 Error - Page Not Found

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Hello, it’s been more than a 24 hours now but I also can’t access my WordPress site as I checked it is installed correctly in the required directory .

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No issue


Thanks for your reply
I clear cache and cookies from Chrome and Edge ,still des"t have access . Why ?

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My website is also unreachable (request time out)

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Maybe try to view your site using a free vpn service?

I already tried, and still the same issue.

I’m not seeing it yet either. If you recently changed dns it could take awhile. Make sure your nameservers are set up correctly

And check that your parked domain is correct

Got it. Each time I tried to update a page on my wp, it crash for several minutes then come back.
This service is absolutely unreliable.

It’s free though :grin:

It all depends on your hosting needs.

ok . DNS fixed but now I got " ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED "

Why ?

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Try clearing your cache and cookies or test with a VPN (e.g. https://protonvpn.com)

It could also be due to the plugin(s) used


It would help a lot if you could actually open your own topic and explain the issue, including all relevant details, so we can help you. Just saying “my website doesn’t work”, with no information as to which website you mean or what the problem is, doesn’t give us anything to go on.


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