404 error page not found?


’ 404 Page Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found! If you entered the URL manually, please double check what you’ve entered. If you clicked a button, please click the back button in your browser.’

I create my website with infinityfree and with the software ‘FileZilla’ i dropped all my website’s files in ‘htdocs’ so i don’t know why I have this message

It seems that server Ip address is not found from my side.

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I would like to ask you about this domain.
When you have created this domain?
When you have signed up for infinity hosting?

It initially can take 24-72 hours to configure, if nameservers are correct.

Could you please, remove and readding back your domain?

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Jun 24, 2020 - Jun 24, 2021 for the domain brawlgems.xyz
For infinity hosting, I don’t understand the question, if the question was 'do you use Infinity free for your server" the answer is yes
In name cheap, in the section ‘nameservers’ in take:

The domain brawlgems.xyz is not assigned to any hosting account right now. Please add the domain to an existing hosting account (as an Addon Domain or Parked Domain) or create a new account for it.


Try changing the name servers to ns1.byet.org till ns5.byet.org

However you can see on the screenshot my website brawlgems.xyz was ‘online’??

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Wow. Just reactivate it.

That’s not your website, that’s your hosting account. And that hosting account is NOT hosting the domain brawlgems.xyz.

The Label you see there is just a text field you can fill with whatever you want through the Edit Account screen. It doesn’t say anything about the domains on the account.

In this case, the domain is gone because you removed the domain from the account before deactivating it. And, as you could read just above the Reactivate Now button, domains are not automatically restored when you reactivate an account.

So just login to the control panel and add the domain there. Or create a new account for the domain.


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