404 Error on website, unable to connect with FTP

I have an InfinityFree site - http://zoolobot.ml/ and http://zoolobot.rf.gd/ (they’re the same thing). My webpage errors out, showing a 404. FTP via FileZilla and MonstaFTP don’t work. With FileZilla, I get this error: “421 Home directory not available - aborting”.

This issue is still ongoing and started around 5 - 8 hours ago. I’ve also noticed many other forum posts over the last couple hours reporting the issue, so I don’t think this is a problem just for my account.

I do, however, know that not all sites are down. A few sites belonging to a friend’s InfinityFree account are still up.

I’d request that the administrators acknowledge this issue.

The issue has been resolved. I don’t know if it fixed itself, or if the InfinityFree team fixed it. Thanks tho.

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