404 error on internel page

Username : epiz_28095895

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Error message : https://errors.infinityfree.net/404/

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i istalled ssl on website its working good for home page but if i navigate on other page like about , contact, other menu link it shows

kindly resolve this urgently or guide me

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Unable to help you as you did not fill up according to template.
What is the url?

In the meantime, this may help


Thanks for reply my website url is
but if i try to open
https://madrasafarooqia.com/about it redirect to 404 error page

kindly Guide me…

Can you show the contents of the /htdocs directory?


You don’t have an about folder in your website to load, and no htaccess rules to control what happens for that URL either.

Seeing how you’re using CodeIgniter (or at least something that seems to be based on it), you’ll likely want to add these rules to the .htaccess file of your site:



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