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Hey everyone. im having a few struggles with making a website.
Basically wordpress didnt work and gave a lot of weird error no matter how many times i installed it and tried different options so i gave up on that. Now i made a simple website with silex and uploaded the files in the htldocs. The files are about 8kb so the largeness isnt the problem but i get the 404 error.

Can someone help me with this. The disease i have makes me very cognitively impacted so its all a bit too hard for me lol

I hope this text is understandable and i would appreciate if someone can tell me what im doing wrong and why my site is not showing up

thanks in advance

Did you check this article already?

The problem is that your htdocs folder is missing. The directory should be called htdocs, but there is only a directory called htdocs.. The dot at the end makes it a different name, so the server doesn’t check it.

Simply renaming the directory to remove the dot should fix your site.


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