404 Error after creation of site

Hi. I had created an account to use the free hosting service. I had bought my domain from some other place but changed the name servers to ns1.infinityfree .com and ns2.infinityfree .com I waited a reasonable time to allow for propagation but after two weeks, I still get a 404 error.

I tried creating a custom .htaccess file but still I get the error. The site in question is: https://www.technokhansimple.co.ke/

Did you check this article already?

I checked your account, but the directory of your domain is missing. Your domain is linked to the directory technokhansimple.co.ke/htdocs, but this directory does not exist. Please create it yourself and upload your files to it to make your site work.


Yes i did read the article and the htdocs directory seems to be there when I check in the file manger (Monsta).

That’s the root htdocs directory. The directory you should be looking for is technokhansimple.co.ke/htdocs, so an htdocs directory inside a technokhansimple.co.ke folder.

Given that it doesn’t exist, you’ll need to create it, and then move content from the current htdocs folder to the new one.


Oh okay. It works now thank you very much.

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