404 down

Hello, I have a site, scripts are working, no problem, but I have encountered this problem.



Okay, there is no answer to this question, so can you help me look for a mistake here?

did you click the link?

I couldn’t understand much when I said

Answer please I’m not satisfied

Enable display errors from Cpanel->Alter PHP config.


My friend has not tried again, choose your domain says selected error gives me to solve it urgent

please do what i said.

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You need to define the get_header() function somewhere in one of your CMS functions’ file, but I don’t know whatever CMS you are using.

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I do not understand much, there is a thema from the site.

I do not understand very much that there is a theme from the site.

So, if the get_header() function wasn’t defined somewhere in the index.php file maybe include the header.php file from somewhere inside the htdocs folder in the index.php file, or if the theme includes support for which CMS, which CMS does the theme support?

EDIT: For the first question, I found out it was a WordPress theme, but from where is it downloaded and what is its name?

So, maybe try to install WordPress instead, and then install the theme from the administration panel or through FTP?

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Are you authorized, I will give my account ftp

No, I’m not authorized to do those edits for you. Also I found out that the get_header() function is used on WordPress to load the theme’s header, so you should upload the theme folder only on htdocs/wp-content/themes after installing WordPress, or if you don’t want to use WordPress, edit the template manually and include the template’s files manually on the index.php file with the include() PHP function.


For security reasons I am going to say; that this is not a good idea. Backup and change your password after.

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Man, can I give you ftp, can you set?

I’m interested more on security of the forum, and so I fall back to whatever @RobertKarash said about sharing FTP credentials:

So, if the theme supports WordPress, from whatever I got from the get_header() function, install WordPress first then install the theme from the administration panel or upload the folder of the theme on htdocs/wp-content/themes/ with a FTP client, in order for your website to show the theme.

man, I do not understand much, I trust you, please