403 with IP address, works with domain name

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403 forbidden

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According to my profile page and a DNS lookup, the IP address should be the one that matches my domain name. However, if I direct my browser to that IP I get a 403. Navigating there with the domain name works.

I am asking this because I have another site whose DNS has not yet taken hold and would like to test the site by going directly to the IP address.

Because there are multiple websites on each IP, you cannot access your website by the IP, since the server would not know what website to display.

The domain you provided is working, and if it’s not for you, try clearing your cache.


That’s interesting and makes sense (given the limited number of IPv4 addresses). Is there any way to visit the site using the IP address? I have another site whose DNS entry is not available yet.

No, for a web browser to visit the site, you must input the domain name.

What domain?


To be clear I just made it earlier today so I was not expecting it to be available right away. I just wanted to start testing it.

It is working. You can try clearing your cache.

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So it is. Thanks for your attention!


What you can do is edit the hosts file of your computer. That way, you can configure which IP address your computer uses for a certain domain, regardless of the actual DNS settings.

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