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当我为我的wordpress主题启用了一个新主题,我还没看到“启用成功”,页面就跳转到了403Forbidden,伺显示: 403 Forbidden Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page,我自查了,没有“chat”字样。

Check your redirect

Welcome. Please make sure to type in English or use an online translator. I have having trouble reading your message.

Based on the parts I can read, this is (I think) relevant:


I think I have figured out why, but to solve my problem I had to understand a couple of things.

Does the host support the installation of Swoole Compiler extension? / Does the virtual host support custom installation of php extensions?

Below is what I need to do, don’t know if the host is running or not.

1 - Install Swoole Loader

Upload the Swoole Loader extension file (swoole_loader74.so) just downloaded to the current PHP extension installation directory: /www/server/php/74/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20190902

2 - Modify the php.ini configuration (if the configuration has been modified, please ignore this step and do not need to add it repeatedly)

Edit this PHP configuration file: /www/server/php/74/etc/php.ini
Add the following configuration at the bottom of this file and save it: extension=swoole_loader74.so
Note: The name needs to be consistent with the file name just uploaded to the current PHP extension installation directory

3 - Restart PHP or restart the server

This is free hosting.

Not gonna happen


Try premium hosting!! You can get more !!

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Thanks.I will go

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