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Error Message

403 Forbidden
The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page

Other Information

I just installed the Tiny Chat plugin on the Oxwall Software website I have and I clicked on the page CHAT, and then the window above showed up.

Chat scripts are not allowed


Is there any possible way to use a live chat on my website? Any at all?


You can use a chat script that is hosted somewhere else and provides a widget of sorts that you can embed on your website.
Found these examples in a fast search:


https://www.tawk.to/ ???

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This search was probably to fast since some of the ones in that list are hosted in the user’s server and are not allowed here.
But the ones that provide an embedable widget are OK.

Thank you. How would you embed the widget on Oxwall?

Look at the site that KangJL suggested.

Seems like a nice option and looks like it’s very simple to add to your site.


After doing these steps you outlined, the Error 403 came again.

Your website loads fine to me

Try clicking on CHAT.

I have a feeling this is connected to mod_security, since Oxwall requires mod_security (strict configurations) to be off. Help please?

Hello @PeterTekie
You are getting that 403 error most likely because you have a file with “chat” in its name. The server believes that files that include the word “chat” in there a me must host chat files. The easy thing to do is just rename the files.


Oh yes I know the problem when you make a file containing the word “chat” it gives a 403 Forbidden because chat scripts are not allowed in InfinityFree you may have to rename it.


How would I go about renaming the files?

What FTP Client are you using?

I am using infinity free and Cpanel. The hostname is ftpupload.net

No I mean what FTP Client not what hosting, are you using FileZilla or something else?

I am not using a client.

Then what are you using to make and edit files?

I was just using Oxwall software to create the site without editing or making files.