403 Forbidden

My website pewee.my.id says 403 Forbidden
The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page. please help me InfintyFree admin how to fix it.

No issue. Clr ur browser cache.

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I tried to do a domain search then came up 403 Forbidden

I did some testing too, and this appears to be a security constraint on our side.

When I try http://pewee.my.id/infinityfree.net , it does work, but when I try http://pewee.my.id/google.com it doesn’t work.

That’s probably because google.com and other popular domains are blocked in URLs to help combat phishing.

If you skip the URL rewriting and do http://pewee.my.id/result.php?domain=google.com it does work, so maybe that’s good enough as a workaround.


I can’t see anything but a directory listing

Well said :clap:

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